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saintseiyayaoi's Journal

Saint Seiya Yaoi community. (Het pairings fans also welcome).

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Saint Seiya Yaoi
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Welcome to Saint Seiya Yaoi!! (Home of the "30² Saint Seiya Themes"!)

Saint Seiya Yaoi - Community rules. READ BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING.
30² Saint Seiya Themes. How to join, rules etc.

~ Community rules. ~

Welcome to Saint Seiya Yaoi, an LJ community for open minded Saint Seiya fans.
Make sure that you read the rules first, so that you know how the community works.
It's not too long, don't worry. ^^/
The most important things are written in bold fonts.

# This community is home of the Gold Saints' Festival and of the 30² Saint Seiya Themes, but you don't have to participate in any of them to be a member.
As long as you're a Saint Seiya fan or just interested in the series, you can join!
You don't have to be an yaoi fan to be a member either, as we also welcome heterosexual fanworks and anything Saint Seiya related, going from innocent PG stuff to hardcore NC17 stuff. (All behind cuts).

# You don't have to draw or write anything yaoi to be a member.
(But you can't flame if you see something that isn't yaoi, hence the open mindedness thingie I mentioned).

# You don't have to participate in the festivals nor in the 30 themes to be a member, of course.
You can be in just for the normal fanstuff without having to participate in any of the other activities of the community, if you don't want to.
(But if you decide to, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun! ^_^/)

# You can post any Saint Seiya fan stuff about any character, be it yaoi, het, or not H at all. All ratings are welcome, from the PG stuff with no H at all to the hardcore NC17 stuff.

Just make sure to put a disclaimer out of your cut and post the stuff (pic or fic etc.) inside an LJ cut so that people can choose to click or not.
If you're not sure how to make an LJ cut, here's the explanation.

# This community is more centered around the gold saints, but fans of the bronzes or any other character of the series are also welcome.

# The community was created for posting Saint Seiya fanarts, fanfiction, memes, icons, wallpapers, or any fanstuff, as well as for simply discussing the series, news about it, upcoming projects you might have, etc. (doujinshi, fanfics, cosplay, custom toys, absolutely anything Saint Seiya).
Absolutely any Saint Seiya fan stuff is welcome here, so don't be shy, you can go ahead and post!
It's okay to cross-post to your LJ or to other communities too, so don't worry if you are already member of another Saint Seiya community. (The more the merrier.*lol* ^^/)

# The use of japanese or western artwork of any kind without the written permission of the author will not be tolerated.
Since there's a lot of people who post stuff on the net without asking the authors, I thought it was better to warn first.

You can post anything Saint Seiya, AS LONG AS you're the author/artist who made it, or you have said author/artist's permission to post their pic or fic.
Posting someone else's fanart or fic etc. without permission results in instant ban for life.
If it's your first time doing it and you somehow didn't know about the rule, I might let it pass once provided that the post is erased and you don't ever do it again. (But if I see you have a history of fanart stealing or re-posting anywhere on the net, or you have a website made using other people's fanarts without permission, LJ-layout or icons made that way, I will most likely ban you right away. The rules exist for a reason after all).

So do please keep this rule in mind, it's one of the most important ones. I don't want to sound mean or dictatorial or anything, but the re-posting of art (or fics etc.) without permission is a very big issue for artists, especially for the japanese ones, and it will not be tolerated under any circumstancies. (Yes, even if you give credit. It's still considered stealing if you didn't have the author's permission).

Also, for the people who make icons using fanart, only post them if you drew the fanart yourself or if you have the permission of the artist to turn them into an icon.
I will have to ask you to delete your post if you post using fanarts without permission.
If you make icons with the original artwork of the anime/manga, there's no problem.

--> Posting anything using/wearing an icon made from stolen fanarts is also forbidden. It gives a bad image to the fandom and is disrespectful to the artists.
Way too many great artists have closed down their sites because they were tired of being the constant prey of art thieves. Only by preventing unauthorized fanart re-use we can protect the artists, and thus protect the fandom in general from losing even more beautiful art.

[ End of Community Rules ]

~ 30² Saint Seiya Themes. ~
~ 30²の聖闘士星矢のお題 ~

How to join, rules etc.

Welcome to the 30² Saint Seiya Themes, a subdivision of saintseiyayaoi.

Contrary to what the name of the community might lead to think, we're not only about yaoi. Heterosexual, bisexual and no-sexual-activity-at-all fanworks are very welcome too. :)

This is a friendly, low-pressure 30 themes list created for the love of Saint Seiya, and any fan of the series is welcome.

The 30 themes lists are a very common thing in Japan, where they exist under an infinity of forms, with several lists and sites with themes for specific series, (among which several list for Saint Seiya exist).
In the west, the most well known 30 themes are the ones from 30_kisses.

The 30² Saint Seiya themes list was created especially for saintseiyayaoi.
All sorts of fanworks are accepted, not only fics and drabbles but also fanarts, sketches and anything else you can think of that fits the themes.

If you wish to participate, feel free to join. ^_^/

All you need to do is to join the community and follow the rules and guidelines below.
Don't worry about not having time to write/draw etc. as often as some of the other members. We're very friendly and won't pressure you or anything. (We don't bite either. *lol*)

You may also join just to enjoy the fanworks of course, but don't be intimidated! Writers and artists of all levels are welcome to participate!
The 30 themes are about having fun with the challenge and seeing how other autors/artists interpretate the same themes, and not about seeing if a fanwork is "good" or not.

Any fanworks are welcome, from the drabble as short as a paragraph to the huge multi-chaptered fic, and from the little sketch done in a few minutes as a passtime, all the way to the full-color painting.

# The basic "How does it works?" #

There's two different lists of themes, List A and List B, and a bonus list.
The names "day" and "night" for the lists are just to help remembering which is which.
We will explain what the bonus list is for later.

You can find all the lists here :

Lists A and B + Bonus list.

You pick a list, and then request a couple or a single character by replying to this post, putting "Request" on the subject line of your comment.

Before requesting, you must of course check if your character or pairing are available for the list you chose.
List of Taken characters for list A. (Day).
List of Taken characters for list B. (Night).

Once your request has been approved, you may start posting fanworks for the 30 themes on the community.
NOTE : You may always post fanworks unrelated to the 30 themes at any time in saintseiyayaoi, of course.
The 30 themes are one of the activities of the community, but not all of it, don't worry.

You don't have to do the themes in order, and you don't have to do them all in the same medium either.
(Eg.: if you want to do some as fics, and some as fanarts, go ahead, it's free for you to choose what you want to do).
Work however your inspiration strikes you, and interpretate the themes however suits best your fanwork.
As long as each of your 30 themes posts contains at least one of the themes, all the rest is open for you to decide.

If there are themes in your list that you don't like, you can replace them by as many themes as you want from the bonus list.
And if you want, once you're done with the 30 themes of your list, you can proceed to doing the themes in the bonus list. (But not before you're done with your normal list).

All 30 themes fanworks must be posted behind LJ cuts, with the right warnings.
If you're not sure how to make an LJ cut, here's the explanation.

When posting, you must always post in the following format :
This way, people knows what you're posting, and that it's for the 30 themes etc.

Subject line :
[30² Saint Seiya Themes] Rating
(PG, PG13, R or NC17) Title.

On the body of your post, before the cut :
Title :
Pairing/Character :
List :
(A or B)
Theme : (include the # and the theme)
Warnings : Eg.: "Twincest", or "violence", or "mpreg", or anything like that.
Disclaimer : (You know, just in case).

For quick copy-paste, here's the code:

Also, if you DON'T want your entry archived to the memories section, please indicate that in the header as well.

Once you're done with your pairing/character, (or if you decide to give it up because you feel like doing another one instead, or for any other reason), please post a comment on the Pairing/Character return page with the subject line "Returning a pairing/character" to let us know.

# The more detailed info & rules for the 30 themes. #

1) Want a pairing or a character that someone else has already claimed? You just have to wait until they're finished responding to the 30 themes, and that pairing or chara will become available again.
In the meantime, you can enjoy the other fanworks, and post your request in the waiting list.
This way, once the pairing or the character become available again, we will inform you and ask you if you're still interested. Reply to the comment within 10 days and it's yours. Otherwise, it will go to the next person in line in the waiting list.

2) Little details :
# If you chose a single character, you may "pair" him with any other characters you want throughout your 30 themes, provided that he isn't involved with the same character throughout most themes. (<-- Because if he is, it would be a pairing, and you should have requested a pairing, then.)
# If you chose a pairing, don't worry, you're not "stuck with the same couple" throughout the 30 themes. They can split, if you're doing a multi-chaptered fic some chapters can have them interacting romantically with other characters, etc., all is free, as long as both characters of your pairing continue to appear in most the themes. (<--because if you chose a pairing, the readers will be expecting to see fanworks with the both of them, even if the characters are not romantically involved.)

If you request a character, he'll be expected to be the central character of your 30 themes, and if you request a pairing, the two characters will be expected to be the center of it, but it doesn't mean that they have to be romantically involved or anything. They could both appear in the fic even if it was an adventure story without any romance, or even if they're not yet together, or if they were but broke up etc.

3) You may claim up to two pairings or two single characters or a pairing and a single character at a time, but if you do so, you'll be expected to produce fanworks on them both, so if you think you won't have the time to cover them both, then request one, and once you're done, request the other.

# If you're writing drabbles or producing sketches, fanarts etc. (things that don't take as long to do), we would prefer that you post at least once a month.
# If you're writing a long fic, or a multi chaptered fic with very long chapters, or drawing a doujinshi etc., (things that take longer to do), then you can post every two months.

If you don't post anything for two months in a row, then your pairing/character will be free again, and taken by the next person waiting in line.
While this is a low-pressure community, other people may want that pairing/character and you'd be preventing them from having fun too if you don't post anything but still hold the pairing/character.
--> Of course, we can consider making an exception if you have a very particular situation (hospitalization etc.), and give you a little additional delay. If you're in this situation, then please post a comment here explaining your problem.

4) Couples of all orientations are welcome here. Neither homophobia nor heterophobia will be tolerated!

5) Obviously, plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated either.

6) One of the ideas behind the 30 themes is to motivate people into creating new fanworks about Saint Seiya. (Our fandom needs more activity. ^^/)
Thus, we would prefer if you didn't submit works that you already made public.
You can post the fanworks you did for 30² Saint Seiya Themes on your site or anywhere else afterwards, but post them here first.
It's fine to submit works that may already be in progress, but please don't make a habit of submitting works that you've already finished and made public. (I might let it slide a few times if it fits the theme really well, but otherwise no).

7) Collaborations between two or more people are accepted.
Also, if you realize you won't have enough time to do all 30 themes in the right amount of time and someone else has shown interested in the character/pairing you're doing, you may want to contact that person and set up something so that you two can share the pairing. It doesn't means that the both of you have to work on the same posts if you don't want to, it could perfectly be a collaboration where one of you have some themes and the other some others, it's as you two decide.

8) You can make your 30 themes submissions be all part of a multi-chaptered (or single chapter) story, or be completly independent from each other.
You can also always have some themes being independent and some other being a same story.
Like I said above, lenght, style, genre of artwork etc. is all up to you and free to decide, as long as in each of your posts for the 30² Saint Seiya Themes there is at least one theme from the list. (Be it normal list or bonus list).

9) Once you're done with your list and the bonus list, you can always go see if your pairing/character is free for the other list and request it for that one too, if you want to do some more themes. ^_^/

10) Feedback is wonderful, but it should always be constructive!
We're here to have fun, as well as to help and encourage each other. :)

For an author/artist, there's nothing more motivating than seeing that people read/saw your fanwork, and hearing their opinion of it. But the opposite is also true : there's nothing more sad for an author/artist than have his posts ignored, so please comment, leave feedback etc. ^_^/

If you have any other questions, please check out the FAQ.

# The useful links #

Request Page.
Claim your pairing or your character here.

Pairing/Character Return Page. (Also known as "I'm done with that pairing/character page").
Please post here to warn us when you're done with your 30 themes, or if you decide to give up your pairing/character, (be it because you don't want to finish the themes, or because you decided to request another pairing or character).

Waiting line for pairings/characters. If the pairing or character that you want is already taken, you can post a comment here and wait until it's free again.

Page for asking for additional time. (In case RL is making you unable to write/draw/etc. for a while).

FAQ. Self-explanatory.
As a side note : If there's any question you still have after reading the FAQ, you may post a comment in it, and a mod will answer you.

The creator/moderator of this community is sagakure.
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