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Wed, May. 6th, 2015, 07:13 am
vladko92: Looking for Role-Play between two or more Gold Knights

Title: The absence of a man
Genre: Yaoi, Romance, AU, Sexual Interaction
Characters: Shaka, Saga and Kanon, Milo, Dohko or Asmita, Aspros and Defteros, Kardia, Dohko.
Warnings: Developing Story with a lot of sexual interaction; Twincest may happen.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are my own creation, just the story.
Looking for: Someone who can play Saga, Kanon, Milo, Dohko, Aspros, Defteros or/and Kardia.
Playing as: Asmita, Shaka, Camus, Mu or/and Albafica.
Term: Long Term hoping!
How to contact with you: PM's over here, replies to this post or over my e-mail: rayne1992@gmail.com

The story will be developed by the two of us, and it will slowly progress into something more in depth. There will be a lot of sexual interaction, battles, Specters and other side characters, which may happen to be controlled permanently by us, if we like them. For more information, please contact me.

Role-Play Background:

Experience: Around 10 years
Length on posts: From 1 paragraph up to 20 Paragraphs if I am intrigued and have to do a lot.
Preference: Yaoi only. (Boy on Boy/Male on Male action)

Role-Play Expectations:
Experience: Not required but preferred.
Length on posts: Minimum 4 sentences.
Preference: Male partners, but I do accept female role-players as well, if they can play Male Role well.