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Thu, Jun. 6th, 2013, 04:31 pm
hopeswings: Saint Seiya AMVS

This community seems kinda dead but I'm going to share a few of my AMVS on the offchance that someone might still be watching it. I've really gotten this series as of late, but the fandom seems pretty dead too. I wasn't getting much of a response on Youtube. I'm hoping by posting them on here, they'll get at least a bit more attention.

They are non yaoi, but it is noted in the rules that you post non yaoi related posts so long as they were Saint Seiya related. They contain spoilers as well, so keep that in mind.

The Lost Canvas

(There's a Curse Between Us) What Have You Done Now // mainly focused around Tenma, Sasha, & Alone, but has most of the other characters involved as well. (Song by Within Temptation)


The Fight Inside // Sagittarius Sisyphus & Athena (song by Red)


The Truth Beneath the Rose // General Saint Seiya tribute -- most popular of my SS videos. (Song by Within Temptation)


Original Saint Seiya & Hades Ova (footage maybe poor quality at times due to difficulty of finding it -- decent AMVS though)

Destiny // Hades Arc tribute (song from X1999)


Keep me from Fading Away // Shun & Ikki *brotherly* (Song: Pain from Xenosaga) Contains massive spoilers for Hades Arc


The Song of Cygnus // Hyoga Tribute -- revolves around his relationships with his mother, Camus, & Issac (Song: The Swan Song by Within Temptation)